The Importance of Three Square Meals

While playing sports as a kid, one of my least favorite drills was the dreaded wind sprint. I know coaches made us do these to improve our ability to perform during games, but that was little solace to me when I was out of breath, hurting, then hearing, “let’s do five more.” As the season wore on, wind sprints became easier; still not easy, but easier.

I was never mistaken for a real athlete, but that didn’t stop me from doing all the things coaches suggested I do to improve my performance. That included exercising, practicing, getting plenty of sleep, and eating the right foods. All of this to prepare me to perform as best as I could.

As leaders, how are we “coaching” our organizations for peak performance? What about organization wind sprints? What do exercise and practice look like? How about getting the right amount of rest and eating the right foods?

Answers to those questions will vary by organization, but this week we will explore some fundamentals, starting with eating the right foods:

Join us the rest of this week as we explore the three-square-meals diet every organization needs for peak performance.


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