• To empower members to embrace change and innovation, improve lives, and drive growth in their companies.
  • To enable members to stay current in the science and application of corporate innovation.
  • To support members in both recognizing disruption vulnerabilities and executing transformational innovation in their organizations.
  • To provide forums for members to learn from peers and experts about successes and failures in implementing innovation.
  • To experience through interaction with other members, educational events and field studies the innovation strategies and practices of thought leaders and exceptional companies globally.
  • To build relevant innovation connections through The Disruption Lab Community and engage members across The Lab’s global innovation ecosystem.

Included Services:

  • Access to The Disruption Lab Community: Through our digital portal,, members are able to engage our professional network and growing global innovation ecosystem, and through our online platform access exclusive innovation resources including the ability to:
    • Send and receive messages directly to other members
    • Follow other members who are influencers and thought leaders
    • Make introductions and request meetings
    • Opt-in to mentor or be mentored by other members
    • Share articles and videos, make comments, and engage in dialog with other members
    • Post questions related to innovation topics, and crowdsource thought leadership and solutions
    • Access our Digital Directory of members and global innovation partners
    • Form sub-groups focused on a key challenge within an industry or disruption enabler, such as Healthcare, Food, Higher Education, Blockchain and AI
    • Access our Digital Library and Archives of innovation resources (coming soon)
  • Peer learning, mentoring, and networking: Members are able to connect and network both online and in person with other members, establishing peer learning and mentoring relationships.
  • The Daily Disruption: A daily information feed on innovation lessons, studies, cases and news.
  • Speakers series: In cities where The Disruption Lab has a presence, members can attend presentations by executives and recognized experts in the field of innovation, or access globally most presentations online through livestream and video recording.
  • Innovation resources: Members are provided with continually evolving and curated lists and links to the latest innovation resources, including books, articles, white papers, Lab presentations, innovation talks, lectures, and video materials.

Services Available at a Discount for Members:

  • Executive Innovation Programs: The Disruption Lab leads executive programs to domestic and global cities to experience and study the latest in corporate innovation.
  • Innovation training courses: The Disruption Lab offers training courses on disruptive innovation and related topics.

Additional Available Services:

  • Consultation engagements on innovation strategies and management of innovation initiatives are available to companies.
  • Customized training in corporate innovation for companies and teams.