Disruption Lab Members participate in our live speaker series, receive our continuously curated innovation resources, and experience domestic and international field studies to keep informed about the latest developments and best practices for leveraging and implementing disruptive innovation.

The Disruption Lab Community - Disruption Lab Members have access to The Disruption Lab Community. Through our digital Member Portal,, members can easily connect with other members, be introduced to thought-leaders, engage in relevant and meaningful ways through dialog, and share articles, questions and advice around innovation topics. Through participation in The Disruption Lab Community both in person at live events and online, Members will deepen their exploration of innovation best practices and expand their innovation network by connecting with thought-leaders and executives in our growing global innovation ecosystem.

Sub-Group Deep Dive: Lab Members also have the opportunity to form and participate in sub-groups focused on a key challenge within an industry or disruption enabler, such as Healthcare, Food, Higher Education, Blockchain and AI.

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The Disruption Lab also offers the following additional services for Members’ companies, available through corporate agreements. Click here to be connected with one of our team leaders.

Educational Programming

The Lab provides immersive learning experiences to help members and their organizations quickly get up to speed on innovation and exponential growth.

Innovation Consultation

The Disruption Lab supports members and their organizations through focused consultation on disruptive innovation and growth strategies.

Management of Corporate Innovation Initiatives

Working alongside corporate executives, the Disruption Lab will facilitate and manage major innovation initiatives focused on creating new economic engines.