Corporate and Executive Memberships

Disruption Lab Members participate in monthly meetings, receive weekly newsletters, and experience domestic and international field studies to keep informed about the latest developments and best practices for leveraging and implementing disruptive innovation.

Executive Deep Dives

Lab Members also have the opportunity to participate in working groups with other executives and experts that take deep dives in to specific topics.

Educational Programing

The Lab provides immersive learning experiences to get executives and key employees quickly up to-speed on innovation and exponential growth.

Innovation Consultation

The Disruption Lab supports executive teams through focused consultation on disruptive innovation and growth strategies.

Management of Corporate Innovation Initiatives

Working alongside corporate executives, the Disruption Lab will facilitate and manage major innovation initiatives focused on creating new economic engines.

Identification and Assessment of Potential Innovation Acquisitions

When acquisition is the innovation strategy, the Lab will support corporate executive teams in identifying and assessing startup and early-stage acquisition candidates with potential for industry disruption.